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Mission statement

We take a holistic, patient centered, systems based approach to care that allows us to develop a long term partnership with our patients in order to achieve optimum results.  We are here to help you support your body’s innate ability to heal itself. 


Our practice is membership based and we do not accept insurance (Although some lab fees are covered by insurance and we are fully HSA and FSA compliant).  The fees for our hormones only program are $450 which includes a one hour initial comprehensive annual diagnostic physical examination that focuses on hormone health options, a lab order, and a one hour follow up to review the labs that are ordered at the exam.  If you decide to participate in our program there is a quarterly $225 charge that begins sixty days after your consult. This is automatically deducted by ACH/bank draft and covers all of the office visits and fees, lab orders, lab interpretations, body composition analysis and the ordering of medications/hormones as well as providing secure health data and communication storage. You will also have exclusive access to Teresa via a private cell phone line and will be provided exclusive access to our secret facebook group, Total Health and Wellness Connect.  This allows you to get your questions answered in a quick and efficient manner. 

Please note:  We do not participate in Medicare or Medicaid and our bills CANNOT be submitted to them for reimbursement.