• It's rare to find a caregiver that is truly knowledgeable about thyroid and hormones, values your input and treats you with respect. 
    I struggled with undiagnosed and untreated hypothyroidism for over 20 years. I've had 2 doctors offer me a hysterectomy within 10 minutes of meeting me. I had done my research and I  knew my symptoms were hormone and thyroid related but was told my TSH was normal, therefore it couldnt be my thyroid, a hysterectomy would fix my symptoms and I needed an antidepressant. Another caregiver treated my thyroid but only based on normal lab ranges so that I still felt horrible.

    In the short time that I have been seeing Teresa,  I have felt better than I have in a very long time. I still have a ways to go but I'm feeling better, thinking better and coping better. I have more energy and I'm losing weight because my body is getting the thyroid and hormones it needs! 

    I wish I would have found Teresa years ago.

    T.B. female age 48
  • I had been to see several Doctors over the past 5-6 years explaining in detail my multiple symptoms, all to no avail. My primary Doctor, over a long period of time, ran a slew of standard test (always excluding a hormone panel), where we tried multiple things, including Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12 shots. These made me feel better temporarily, but soon I was back with the same symptoms. 

    Thinking it could be my hormones, I then went to see a Gynecologist. One Doctor gave me a prescription of a low dose “Speed” which made me feel horrible! Another told me that due to my age and smoking, she refused run a hormone panel or to offer me hormone therapy. She told me that these things begin to happen as we get older and I would just have “To-suck-it-up” and   “Deal-with-it”. 

    I cried many tears…but upon reading about the standard hormone replacements available, with all of the horrible /deadly side effects, I understood the reluctance of these Doctors to prescribe these.

    I had given up and succumbed to the ‘fact’ that I would have to live the rest of my life just pushing myself to exist every day, I even believed, that perhaps, I was being a hypochondriac and that this was all in my head. So, my abilities to regain my life were all up to me and if not, I would remain unable to enjoy the daily activities, adventures and social interactions that where once a part of my life.

    Until…I came across Teresa Mealy! Who listened to my symptoms, and having been through them herself, she understood…We ran the hormone tests…. And now….With Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and the correct supplements, I felt so much better! Having said that…after a little more time had gone by, I felt I was still missing a component. Teresa suggested a couple of genetic tests. It turns out that I had a mutation (MTHFR-C677T), which limits my absorption of B vitamins and more. I am now taking supplements to support this and  I am now living a FULL LIFE again! 

    I can now exercise and other physical activities without it leaving me completely exhausted, muscle tone is returning, I can find the words to be able carry on a conversation, cognitive function has returned, I can go on vacations without being so wiped out all I want is sleep, I enjoy being intimate with my wonderful husband again, attend to daily affairs and SO MUCH more. 

    Thank you and BLESS you Teresa

    J.O. female age 57
Senior Couple Hiking with Dog

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